Outsourcing Services

IT Managed Services from Paris IT Support will allow you to access the expertise, resources and equipment you need to improve performance and efficiency of your IT infrastructure.

In an increasingly competitive, organizations and business companies are under great pressure to reduce operational costs while maintaining service quality. Succeed in this challenge is a challenge for IT departments, who need to manage infrastructure broader and more complex with the same resources. In addition to the routine tasks of managing infrastructure, there is a growing demand to reduce processing costs while ensuring the changes induced by market requirements. To achieve these objectives and provide a high level of services, companies must rely on experienced resources, the best know-how and new technologies, this may generate high costs at a time when one tries to reduce. Outsourcing Services Paris IT Support, a modular or complete management of your IT infrastructure. A team of experts brings you their advice, their skills and expertise. These services cover the entire scope computer and can be tailored to specific needs of your organization.

Servers and networks Interventions

Paris IT Support will support and maintain the infrastructure of your company. Our services can be handeled directly on site with a professional or can be fixed remotly.

Workstations (Laptops & Desktops)

Paris IT Support manages the lifecycle of desktops, increasing & adapting the RAM on workstations, including facilities, local support, maintenance, changes, withdrawals, optimization of infrastructure asset management.

End Users

The helpdesk provid a support & assistance to the end users from local site or from international locations. These services include configuration management, management of updates, changes, any type of queries and requests.

Hotline & on-site support

We understand that your employe time is precious, that's why our Deskside support team can help you through remote control help or if the device can not be remotly controled our engineers can be on site very quickly.